Orientation day reflection

On the 9th December I had orientation day at Strathmore secondary school. I had to catch the train with my sister. Once we got to Strathmore we went to the gym were we had a chat to the principle, vice principal and coordinators of the school they talked to use about the school and its history over many years. After that we went to our class to meet our new classmates. I am in Chisholm with one of my friends Sam. Once we went class we got straight into some work the first thing that we did was talk about the rules and what not to do in the school grounds. After that we went down to do some science.The thing that we did in science was adding all types of chemicals into cabbage juice and see it change color it was pretty cool seeing it change its form so many times. After that we had our play lunch and got to see what they would do with their free time. After that we went back into the class and went on a big tour around the school and saw all the cool things that they had like a pool, hockey court and a auditorium the tour. The tour took up 2 periods. Then we had our pre ordered lunch. We finally had ago to play soccer with the year nines and tens it was hard and a bit scare because they were running at you full pace. For the last period of the day we had math in math we did problem solving which was fun but hard at the same time and the good thing about this was the winner got to have some chocolates but we worn’t the winner. The highlight of my day was probably just meeting new people and the new teachers that might be mine for next year as a year 7. So the day came to the end and it was time for us to go home I thought it was a really great day overall.

100 WC Week 13

As I hear the leaves rustled in the park i run around in the play ground and ask can I stay in here for the rest of the day its the best place to stay and I brought some food for us to eat in the park I have it all planed out i promise it will be fun. I reply to son I will think about it okay thank you I promise i will behave and be responsible. I have made my mind up and we can stay for 2 more hours only because I have another surprise for you. WHAT IS IT! I cant tell you that juts yet.

100 wc week 12

I’m so shocked to find a present under my tree for Christmas. This has never happened to me before even though I live in a palace with my family i have never got a present the reason for this is because my mum thinks it dangerous. So I quickly run down stairs to find 10 presents just for me and no one else so I open the first present and find new tea cup set I was so excited I open more to find a soccer top, car, ps4, books, pencils and many more to come but i think it would only be fare in my sister gets some.

100wc week 11

As we go up to the war remembrance day we all fell happy but then sad at the same time. We walk around the museum and see all the things that they would use in the war just like guns, knifes, cars and even the planes they used and all there medals for bravery and then we went out to see all the soldiers names on the wall for all the wars then went in a church and saw a grave of an unknown soldier and to this day is still unidentified from many of years ago from the Vietnam war.

Literacy circles reflection

Name of the book:

The game of the goose.

Date of publication:



Ursula Dubosasky.

Group members/roles:

Jack-Discussion director, Ece-Passage master, Emily-Word watcher, Ayla-Tally master, Jordan-Captain of comprehension Ben/me-Connector.

What worked well:

The things that I think worked well was that everybody had brought their homework and was never late to hand it in to us something I also liked was that when we were doing the podcast and our script everyone put in 100 percent effort into it.

Confederations for the future:

We should take some more consideration on how we go about presenting it and can we go the bit further with not just say that’s just gotta do.


The positive that we all did was think outside the box a little bit and staying on track with what we have to do the thing that was a minus was the organization skills that I thought could of been much better the thing that I found most interesting has to be how others go about their opinion on the book and their ideas of how to do a podcast.

Reflection extreme weather

Some of the research methods Angus and I did was going on the internet, and that’s how we found most of our information. The best site we used was the burrow of meteorology to give us the best understanding. We also use our prior knowledge to expand our knowledge on the topic and our last method we use was the EDU star bar to give us that bit more information.

The note taking method we used was using the main part of the text and write a little summary on it the put then expand on the summary we did find this method  very effective to give us our answers and get this project finished on time of the due da

Angus.k and I worked very well together we were communicating with each other of what we have done and what we need done we flowed with it and had not to many problems with in the project. Angus and I partner were collaborating good and both of use have a good understanding of what a heat wave is.

The format of our project is a power point we thought that it is a easy way to show our understanding of the topic and is very eye catching.

The amount of work that I did was 51 percent of it but Angus helped me with that just like how I had help him do his bit in the project.

The thing that I would change next time is trying to think outside the box and go into more detail by adding some of our own and new questions.

BTN news

This video I have just watched is about how kids are getting punished and asking themselves should they bring back the cane. Some children totally disagree and say the only punishment that they should be given is getting expelled or being given three warnings or be seated in the corner of the room. So in this video I have just watched is telling us the punishment they should be given and if the cane should come back in to some schools in Australia. I totally disagree with that, would you like to have the cane back.

Term 2 Goals

Semester 1 goals by Ben Panev

In 2014 my long term goal is to be a better at English such as getting much better in punctuation and grammar just to get prepared to go into year 7 and to be happy and convenient in my writing.


I think in this semester I have almost completed my long term goal. Why I had said almost achieved it by because it has not been all to scratch but some pieces of writing I am very happy with and I think that some of my writing is getting better but still is lacking by some punctuation and sometimes some easy words but also I think I have got paragraphs and comers all covered.

New goals for semester 2 

My short term goal for this semester is to work on some of my mental math problems because I am starting to get slower but I would like to get faster and faster each time I try.

My long term goal is to be a lot better at my neatness so it is clear to read and understand and I can be prepared for the coming years.

Preventing Rust Prac Report


Preventing rust by using petroleum jelly.


To get a better idea of how to prevent rust.


.500ml Beakers x2

.150ml of water x2

.Petroleum jelly

.4 Nails

.Gloves x2


Step1. Pour 150ml of water into the beaker x2.

Step 2. Put some petroleum jelly around the nail.

Step 3.Place the nail in the cold water.

Step 5.Wait for 1 day to find out the proper results.


We predict that the petroleum jelly  protect the metal by letting no oxygen through the nail.


1:10pm: The nail with no petroleum jelly is the way we had put it in the beaker. The one with  petroleum jelly is starting to create oxygen bubbles this is happening by not letting the oxide layer to form. 3:00 2 1/2 hours of being in there there is form of rust forming the only sign is the petroleum jelly is more visible.











Slight discoloration and just a bit of rust.