There once was a crocodile named Bill. Every morning Bill would wake up and wonder around looking at all the trees and different species of animals. He likes  to spend time with is family and friends  down by the river banks.

As he plays with his friends and family he gathered them to play a traditional game of soccer. As the game comes to a end the crocodiles have a rest. After a little while they decided to have a swimming contest against each other. Bill fast a very fast swimmer and Has won many crocodile awards. Many crocodile are afraid to compete against him. Most of the other crocodiles gave up because bill was already 750  meters in front of them. bible climbed up of to the stage to receive his medal from coming first. All the crocodiles went on the stage to collect their medals as well so they can go home and catch some food. Bill and family crawled into the water to catch their food. The bright red sun was going down as bill yawned And flames entered Bills large mouth the flames represented the strength and power to kill species under  water. Three fishes swimming  gracefully. Bill opens his mouth and fire came out killing the fish for dinner while watching the sunset fade away.

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