Ned Kelly and the gang

Ned wake up wake up I say in a dull voice Ned gets up and said “what Jhon? “Well the cops are after us”, for what. Remember we  robed the bank back in 1877, how did they find out it was us and the gang I don’t know but I think we should make a run for it okay then we will leave at noon but get the other gang members Ned reply in a dearest voice.

Ding Dong who is there? there is no reply Ding Dong who is there? it  he cops may I come in may on course Ned quickly hides under the house I  do you want some tea yes please. Have you seen Ned Kelly and the gang in the past  yes I have they went in the bush lands the cop gets up and calls for the other cops to come and the go to the bush lands I go and get Neb but as soon as he gets out all he heard was ring ring the clock hit 12:00 he got on is hours and waited for the other gang members the had finally came and we went to the bush lands.

My mother was running after us trying to tell us something  like don’t go in the bush lands because  they are after and I did not get the rest of it as we ride into the bush land we find the best place to stay as we all fall asleep next morning I heard a branch brake and I say who is the it is one of the troopers I shoot him he stats to cry his last words were you will never get away with it I shoot him we move fast because we know there coming so we move to the closed lake and set out there we fall asleep and the next morning we were all in hand cuffs and put us in this really itchy uncountable black and white close and put me in a sell and call me up were I am about to get hung they put the rope around me and walk me on a trap door and they let me go and it them 30 minutes

The End

One thought on “Ned Kelly and the gang

  1. Hi Ben,
    Your text was a really detailed piece of writing. I liked it because you used really strong words like dearest and itchy uncountable. Something you can work on is your spelling, there were a few words you spelt wrong like clothes and John. Something else you could improve on is that some of your sentences do really make sense. For example as we ride into the bush, its meant to be I RODE IN THE BUSH. One other positive feedback is how you gave interesting facts.


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