Story starters

For the past 3 to 4 weeks lee and the 6s have been working on story starters and story endings some things I have put in my writing is probley intense action

As I feel the summer breeze in my hair I say this is the best day eve!!

It had all started when I was at the beach the hot sand rubbing against my feet it trolley the best day ever. It was about 1:35 and I wondered it wold be very very nice if I go for a bike ride latter about 4:30 so I set off and started to tour Melbourne and its beautiful city. I started to pedal really fast and got a massive rush I have, have you? As I look at the my watch it said I have been riding for 1 hour and 45 minutes so I decided to head off home.

But all of a sudden everything had went terribly wrong the only thing I could remember is waking up in a hospital and cannot move at all.

One thought on “Story starters

  1. I liked your story, tying beginnings to endings but it could have had more punctuation and fullstops but other wise I thought your story had a lot of character in and was a very good structured piece.


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