Preventing Rust Prac Report


Preventing rust by using petroleum jelly.


To get a better idea of how to prevent rust.


.500ml Beakers x2

.150ml of water x2

.Petroleum jelly

.4 Nails

.Gloves x2


Step1. Pour 150ml of water into the beaker x2.

Step 2. Put some petroleum jelly around the nail.

Step 3.Place the nail in the cold water.

Step 5.Wait for 1 day to find out the proper results.


We predict that the petroleum jelly  protect the metal by letting no oxygen through the nail.


1:10pm: The nail with no petroleum jelly is the way we had put it in the beaker. The one with  petroleum jelly is starting to create oxygen bubbles this is happening by not letting the oxide layer to form. 3:00 2 1/2 hours of being in there there is form of rust forming the only sign is the petroleum jelly is more visible.











Slight discoloration and just a bit of rust.


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