Term 2 Goals

Semester 1 goals by Ben Panev

In 2014 my long term goal is to be a better at English such as getting much better in punctuation and grammar just to get prepared to go into year 7 and to be happy and convenient in my writing.


I think in this semester I have almost completed my long term goal. Why I had said almost achieved it by because it has not been all to scratch but some pieces of writing I am very happy with and I think that some of my writing is getting better but still is lacking by some punctuation and sometimes some easy words but also I think I have got paragraphs and comers all covered.

New goals for semester 2 

My short term goal for this semester is to work on some of my mental math problems because I am starting to get slower but I would like to get faster and faster each time I try.

My long term goal is to be a lot better at my neatness so it is clear to read and understand and I can be prepared for the coming years.

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