Literacy circles reflection

Name of the book:

The game of the goose.

Date of publication:



Ursula Dubosasky.

Group members/roles:

Jack-Discussion director, Ece-Passage master, Emily-Word watcher, Ayla-Tally master, Jordan-Captain of comprehension Ben/me-Connector.

What worked well:

The things that I think worked well was that everybody had brought their homework and was never late to hand it in to us something I also liked was that when we were doing the podcast and our script everyone put in 100 percent effort into it.

Confederations for the future:

We should take some more consideration on how we go about presenting it and can we go the bit further with not just say that’s just gotta do.


The positive that we all did was think outside the box a little bit and staying on track with what we have to do the thing that was a minus was the organization skills that I thought could of been much better the thing that I found most interesting has to be how others go about their opinion on the book and their ideas of how to do a podcast.

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