Reflection extreme weather

Some of the research methods Angus and I did was going on the internet, and that’s how we found most of our information. The best site we used was the burrow of meteorology to give us the best understanding. We also use our prior knowledge to expand our knowledge on the topic and our last method we use was the EDU star bar to give us that bit more information.

The note taking method we used was using the main part of the text and write a little summary on it the put then expand on the summary we did find this method  very effective to give us our answers and get this project finished on time of the due da

Angus.k and I worked very well together we were communicating with each other of what we have done and what we need done we flowed with it and had not to many problems with in the project. Angus and I partner were collaborating good and both of use have a good understanding of what a heat wave is.

The format of our project is a power point we thought that it is a easy way to show our understanding of the topic and is very eye catching.

The amount of work that I did was 51 percent of it but Angus helped me with that just like how I had help him do his bit in the project.

The thing that I would change next time is trying to think outside the box and go into more detail by adding some of our own and new questions.

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