Orientation day reflection

On the 9th December I had orientation day at Strathmore secondary school. I had to catch the train with my sister. Once we got to Strathmore we went to the gym were we had a chat to the principle, vice principal and coordinators of the school they talked to use about the school and its history over many years. After that we went to our class to meet our new classmates. I am in Chisholm with one of my friends Sam. Once we went class we got straight into some work the first thing that we did was talk about the rules and what not to do in the school grounds. After that we went down to do some science.The thing that we did in science was adding all types of chemicals into cabbage juice and see it change color it was pretty cool seeing it change its form so many times. After that we had our play lunch and got to see what they would do with their free time. After that we went back into the class and went on a big tour around the school and saw all the cool things that they had like a pool, hockey court and a auditorium the tour. The tour took up 2 periods. Then we had our pre ordered lunch. We finally had ago to play soccer with the year nines and tens it was hard and a bit scare because they were running at you full pace. For the last period of the day we had math in math we did problem solving which was fun but hard at the same time and the good thing about this was the winner got to have some chocolates but we worn’t the winner. The highlight of my day was probably just meeting new people and the new teachers that might be mine for next year as a year 7. So the day came to the end and it was time for us to go home I thought it was a really great day overall.

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