PRAC report: Steel Wool


Rusting steel wool.


Julian, Varda and Mia.




The aim is to see how much the steel wool can rust.


.600ml Beakers.

.Steel wool.

.400ml Salt water.


Step 1.Pour the liquid into the beaker.

Step 2.Place the steel wool into the beaker.

Step 3. Wait for 2 days to get good results.


All the wool had started to come of with a thick layer of rust with a nasty smell.


This happened by it getting to much oxygen and is providing the rust with the thick layer.

100WC week 38

It was so so far and so hot I don’t think I can cope with this weather in the desert I still had to travel about 21 km and have to find food and water fast or I will not have any more energy to keep going but I say I should dig and dig in the ground and find water at last I say I had found water and a dead snake so I build a shelter for the night and try and find a way to get out of hear but at last there was a helicopter looking for me.

Authors purpose Story

Buy the limited addition tickets only four thousand dollars. With those tickets you can get a privet tour of the Brazil team training and all there facilities and get a meet and greet the Brazil players and the coaching staff plus you can see area that not even the press have seen and see all the Brazil games even if they get into the final so get this great offer and bock your tickets now so call the number which is 0423628497 these amazing offers are running out so call now and get the third ticket free so call now 042362497 offers running out soon.

Recycling project sheet 39


Packaging  Meat Milk Juice Soft dink Cereals Veggies Fruit Ice cream
Plastic yes yes yes yes yes Yes
Glass Yes
Cardboard Yes
Paper Yes Yes
Polystyrene yes
Plastic film
Foil lined  cardboard Yes Yes


1. Why is packaging necessary?

Packaging is necessary because it can protect the food from germs and if we don’t have we would go shopping for food we would not know what we are going to buy.

2. What packaging do you think is most environmentally friendly?

I think that the safest material is probably paper because its family friendly and recyclable.

3. What is the most dangerous packaging?

The thing that I think is the most dangerous is polystyrene because of it bad toxins inside of them.

100WC week 37 2014

As me and my team team runs towards our goal there is only 13 minutes to go and we were 2-1 down but with in 59 seconds we had scored outside the box and still have another 12 minutes let but it will go in about 1 minute for the player so I if we dont wine this we will never play in the world cup again but as soon as he said that we scored it was the best day of my life and after the match we hit the streets to part.


Math mate term 2 sheet 6


I predict that this problem will be about the 4 operations.


Jane rolls nothing but sixes in the game of snakes and ladders below. How many rolls of the die will it take her to move from S to F.


I had nothing to clarify in this question.

The Big Question:

How many rolls will it take to get to the end?

Mathematicians Toolbox:

For this problem I have chosen to pick draw a diagram or test all possibilities.


The first step you need to do is know were you are starting at if she keeps roiling 6 for the whole game you go 6 spaces once you have reaches a ladder you should not signor it go up it and keep rolling till you get to the end witch should be 4 rolls/


In this problem I was not very happy with me strategies I had use so in that case I should of picked another one.

Math mate term 2 sheet 5


I predict that this problem will be about the four operations.


Bobby’s car uses 9 liters of fuel per 100 km. How many liters of fuel are required to travel from Kogan to Tingura.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

The Big Question:

How many kilometers per liter?

Mathematicians Toolbox: 

The strategies that I’m going to use is find a pattern.


The first step I did was  add all the kilometers which is 400 km and you use 9 liters per 100km the times by 4 is 36 liters.


I found this problem just a little harder and it took me a little longer but my prediction was not correct but not far from it.

Math mate term 2 sheet 4


I predict this is about finding  the missing numbers.

Read :

Fill in the missing numbers.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

Big Question :

The big question is to find the missing numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox :

In this problem I used test all possibilities.


First step I did was plus 7 and 7 plus 7 which is 21 so you drop the 1 and carry the 2 to the tens column the went 4 plus 4 plus two is 10 so I dropped the 0 and carried the 1 to the hundred column then I went 3 plus 2 plus 1 plus 1 equals 7   so the answer is 741.


It took my a little bit but the it started to become easier and easier every time I went on.

Math mate term 2 sheet 3

Predict :

I predict this is about finding the missing numbers.

Read :

Fill in the missing digits in the sum.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

Whats the big question:

Find the missing numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox : 

I used in this problem test all possibilities.


The first step I did was I had plus 8 and 6 witch gave me 14 so I put the 4 down and carried the 1 to the tens column and then I plus 7 and 2 witch is 9 and then  10 so I the 0 down and carried the one the hundred column the I plus 3 and four an done so the answer is 804.


Over all this problem was not to hard to get but hard to explain.

Math mate term 2 sheet 2


I predict that this problem will be about looking different patterns and diagrams.


Two compasses cost as much as three protractors. How much are six protractors, if one compass is $3?


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

The Big Question:

What is the final payment.

Mathematicians toolbox:

The strategies that I am going to do is draw a diagram.


The first you do you read the question one or twice to get a good understanding of the question and it says that one compass is $3 and two compasses cost as much as three protractors so what I had done is 3 times 2 the answer is $6 then do $6 times 2 witch is $12 and that is the answer.


over all I think that my prediction and strategies were right and the end answer is $12.