100 WC Week 13

As I hear the leaves rustled in the park i run around in the play ground and ask can I stay in here for the rest of the day its the best place to stay and I brought some food for us to eat in the park I have it all planed out i promise it will be fun. I reply to son I will think about it okay thank you I promise i will behave and be responsible. I have made my mind up and we can stay for 2 more hours only because I have another surprise for you. WHAT IS IT! I cant tell you that juts yet.

100 wc week 12

I’m so shocked to find a present under my tree for Christmas. This has never happened to me before even though I live in a palace with my family i have never got a present the reason for this is because my mum thinks it dangerous. So I quickly run down stairs to find 10 presents just for me and no one else so I open the first present and find new tea cup set I was so excited I open more to find a soccer top, car, ps4, books, pencils and many more to come but i think it would only be fare in my sister gets some.

100wc week 11

As we go up to the war remembrance day we all fell happy but then sad at the same time. We walk around the museum and see all the things that they would use in the war just like guns, knifes, cars and even the planes they used and all there medals for bravery and then we went out to see all the soldiers names on the wall for all the wars then went in a church and saw a grave of an unknown soldier and to this day is still unidentified from many of years ago from the Vietnam war.

100WC week 38

It was so so far and so hot I don’t think I can cope with this weather in the desert I still had to travel about 21 km and have to find food and water fast or I will not have any more energy to keep going but I say I should dig and dig in the ground and find water at last I say I had found water and a dead snake so I build a shelter for the night and try and find a way to get out of hear but at last there was a helicopter looking for me.

100WC week 37 2014

As me and my team team runs towards our goal there is only 13 minutes to go and we were 2-1 down but with in 59 seconds we had scored outside the box and still have another 12 minutes let but it will go in about 1 minute for the player so I if we dont wine this we will never play in the world cup again but as soon as he said that we scored it was the best day of my life and after the match we hit the streets to part.


100WC week 36 2014

The mission is almost done all we have to do is go and find the big whit chocolate filling egg  to feed the whole town but it might just coast us a lot of lives because of the big humans that think were ants but were not we are just tiny people but in the end we have got the upper hand in fitting in small holes we have got the egg and  just about 10 meters from our home but all of a sudden we had made a big hole in the egg and we needed to clean it up before humans find it and put it in the bin.

100WC week 35 2014

As we set off to go to the biggest broad way show in the world it was  Jackson and Elves in the city of Vegas the biggest the most boldest city in the world I don’t now how to get there I think we might need to go by plane or bus but the bus would take much much longer but coast a lot cheaper so I went by bus and it was going to take about 24 hours I am finally the and the front gateway with my new black friend and looked back on the journey we have had

100WC WEEK 33

Lucy a 11 year old girl has not been to school and might never will go to school unless we do something now I think that she should get a chance to go to school and also the other unprivileged girls and boys but I think that all kids should go to school sometimes I think if you would be in there shoes you should probably want to go to school and learn new things so I say lets take a stand and let Lucy go to school for a change.

week 25

Happy birthday to you we sing to Zack the fist thing he did was get ready for his big party a head of him at the coolest place in town called AMF bowling as they arrived there he sat down and started to open all of his presents but when he open the lid of one of his presents he was gobsmacked what his wonderful parents have bought him it was the best present he had ever got it was the one and only limited addition ps4 that is still not out in stores thanks that is the best presents

week #23 100WC

As I dig harder and harder to get to the core of the big earth to stop a autonomic bomb that can kill over 199,997 people all over the world but If I can stop it will be famous and rich and save and save allot of lives but I do not have much time left  after two days of digging I have got with in 100 meters of the bomb and have a little of a brake but I do not know that there is only half an hour left after a twenty minute brake I get back to work but it was to late.