Figurative language


Goal: To have a full understanding of what onomatopoeia is.

  • Imitates sounds objects or actions.
  • Manly found in comics.
  • Words comes from Greece


Goal: To learn and understand about metaphors  are.

  • Describe something like kind, fast and many more
  • Not a phrase.
  • Describes a sentence .
  • Doesn’t us it or like it has to be it.
  • Type of figurative language.


Goal: To have a understanding of what it means and what it is.

  • Same letter at the start of the word a few times in the sentence.
  • Rhythmic effect.
  • Found in comics, names, TV and poetry.


Goal: To gain a understanding of what cliches are.

  • Overused term not original.
  • Often over exaggerations.
  • Used in poetry, TV and music.


Goal: To understand what a idiom is.

  • More than 100 idioms.
  • Phrases that mean something.
  • Icing on the cake.
  • Eagle eyes and many more.


Goal; to identify what a similes are and how to use them.

  • 2 things get compered.
  • As busy as a bee
  • Try to be look like something look like something else.


 Goal: To have a clear understanding of they are.

  • An extreme  exaggerations.
  • Comes from Greece
  • I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.






mini project

Good morning 5/6b today I will be doing a presentation on Cyril Wecht he does the pathologies, autopsy and morgues I hope you can learn something at the end of my performance hope you enjoy.

Cyril Wecht was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 20th March but had sadly died at the age of 82 but has achieved a lot of his life time  goals in his life time such as becoming a forensic scientist and having his own autopsy and morgue  baseness and many more  things.

cyril Wecht became famous because of his appearance on television and of peoples deaths with a very high media profile. He had worked on a case when there was an Army shootout that had got killed the guy so Cyril Wecht had an opportunity to work on the case along with some other people that got a call for the forensic team. Since 1962, Wecht has had a private practice. He has served as a medical-legal and forensic pathology inexpert advice in both civil and criminal cases. Wecht is consulted by both applicants’ and defences attorneys in civil cases, and by both prosecutors and defence lawyers in criminal cases in influences throughout the United States and some other places.but is perhaps best known for his criticism of the Warren Commission’s findings concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. thank you for listening to my presentation I hope you  have learnt some thing new by today on cyril Wecht thank you.

by Ben P




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spelling city

this week my take was to complete my spelling city word are blame, brake, cake, crane, flame, frame, grape, these, drive, pride, slide, smile, twine, time, home, spoke, throne, fuse, tube and I was meant to help me with my bossy e’s