Math mate term 2 sheet 3

Predict :

I predict this is about finding the missing numbers.

Read :

Fill in the missing digits in the sum.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

Whats the big question:

Find the missing numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox : 

I used in this problem test all possibilities.


The first step I did was I had plus 8 and 6 witch gave me 14 so I put the 4 down and carried the 1 to the tens column and then I plus 7 and 2 witch is 9 and then  10 so I the 0 down and carried the one the hundred column the I plus 3 and four an done so the answer is 804.


Over all this problem was not to hard to get but hard to explain.

Math mate term 2 sheet 2


I predict that this problem will be about looking different patterns and diagrams.


Two compasses cost as much as three protractors. How much are six protractors, if one compass is $3?


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

The Big Question:

What is the final payment.

Mathematicians toolbox:

The strategies that I am going to do is draw a diagram.


The first you do you read the question one or twice to get a good understanding of the question and it says that one compass is $3 and two compasses cost as much as three protractors so what I had done is 3 times 2 the answer is $6 then do $6 times 2 witch is $12 and that is the answer.


over all I think that my prediction and strategies were right and the end answer is $12.

Math Reflection Term 3

2D and 3D shapes properties and connections.

Last term we were learning about 2D shapes and 3D shapes some o f the properties of the 2D shapes are with and length and width. When we do the properties we had to make all the shapes congruent and if you don’t  know what congruent is it means the two shapes must be the same and if the two shapes weren’t the same it is not relay appropriate to measure it because it is not the same and the all have faces, verities and edges and the base of the shape is called by it like the triangular primes

Also 3D shapes have properties but there different they are depth, length and width for this the shapes must be congruent as-well or it will not be able to measure the shapes you want and it has faces, verities and edges.

Some connection between 3D shapes and 2D shapes is they have to have more than 4 two D shapes and the both must have faces, verities and edges they also named by the base of its shape and they can both be congruent.

that is all I know about the properties and connections between them.

Problem Solving Steps


I predict that this problem will be about grams and adding how long the bar is.


How many squares does this chocolate bar have? To answer this question, it may help to measure the photograph with a ruler.

The whole bar weighs 100 grams. What does one square weigh? A recipe uses 28 grams of chocolate. How many squares is this?


We had nothing to clarify in this problem today.

Whats the big question:

How many squares are on the chocolate bar?

What strategy did we use today in this problem:  

We use breaking the problem up into smaller parts and breaking the problem u


the first thing we did was get a ruler and see  how long the bar was and the bar was six and a half and timed the thing by 6 and got 28.


I found this problem a little to easy for me and if I had to do it again I don’t think I can do any better the best steerage was probably braking the problem up into smaller parts and working out the problem backwards but if  I had I thing to improve is getting faster at the strategy and here is a  link to the web site and here it is


Math Mate


I predict that this question is about adding numbers to get to the number.


Complete the addition table. the question was 23.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify in this problem today.

Math tool box

I used draw a diagram in this problem.


I solved by using my prier Knowledge so I just added get to the number like 5 how do I go to 7 you use 2 that is how I solved it out.


I found this problem relay easy to do and I feel conferdent doing it  many more times.


Today’s Maths Goals

To continue develop my understanding of the strategies in the mathematician toolbox.

Today’s problem was to find out how many tiles there were all together in the dominoes. Link to the site: During the process, It wasn’t difficult, but at the beginning it was quite confusing, after a while I thought a strategy that would help would be  to draw a diagram which had helped a lot through the progress of finding the answer. What worked for me was to drawing the diagram since I did not get lost in any part of the problem because I had my working out on   pieces of paper. Something that did not work was not having the a diagram because the first time I tried it I had gotten stuck and did not now what to do. My estimate and answer at the end was 55 tiles inside the domino which ended up being the correct answer.

New goals I want to achieve

Is to know all of the  mathematician strategies off the top of my head and to ask more questions that leads to clarifying the things I don’t now.

Below are the steps I used


I predict that this text is going to be how many dominoes and adding then and subtracting.


A normal set of dominoes has 28 tiles and the largest is “double six.” This special domino set has more tiles and the largest is “double nine.” How many tiles does it have?

You can buy domino sets going up to “double twelve.” How many tiles would these sets have?

A normal set of dominoes can be matched up to make a continuous chain that uses all the tiles. Why is this impossible with the set in the photograph?


I have nothing to clarify in this text today.

Whats the big question?

The big question is how many tiles does it have.



How  I worked it out:

I was connecting and doing a pattern to 9 I stared from 0 and went 0/0 and so on.


I think I worked very good and I don’t think I need any help

My understanding of fractions.

The easiest part of adding fractions is probely adding the fraction because you just add the numerator and leave the denominator  the same unless you have an improper fractions you would do something to it.

Subtracting fractions is easy  to but it is different to adding it is just taking away from the fraction what you have made up and subtract the numerators but you leave the denominator the same.

Problem Solving with Luca



3.7r 31


We predict this problem is going to be about multiplication.


How many oranges are here?

A shopkeeper builds a similar pile of oranges but with one extra layer. How many oranges would this have?

What size of pile could you build with a box of 200 oranges?


we had nothing clarify but I think I could read the question probable.


I had no questions.


I think we did a good job but I think we got a little confused in some of the information I think that happen because we didn’t read the questions better.


We had no questions.


I think we worked very good together because we worked together and clarify any words if we didn’t know what they mean.



what we did was make some questions around the human body,and did a servey with the class and these are what we came up with. I learnt that every one has a different opinions on what they feel about that thing we are serveying.

What time do you go to bed



what fruit is the best for you

should junk food be eaten often


Problem picture

Predict t

We predict that this problem will be about multiplication and dividing because the problem looks like it will have some sort of  multiplication because of the picture and what’s the inverse operation of multiplication and dividing.


Each compartment in this box contains six jelly beans of the same flavor. They are arranged in two layers of three beans. There is a different flavor in each compartment.

How many different flavors are there in the box? How many beans are there altogether?

Jelly beans are sold in “40 official flavours”. Suppose that the jelly bean company asks you to design a similar box that could hold all 40 flavors. Is this possible?

throughout the problem I encountered some words  that needed t make o clarify. They weren’t that many words to clarify it was a little bit confusing with all the information


questions we thought of were how  can we figure  this out mentally?

Do I know a slimier problem.


I think me and Luca did a very good job solving it I would like to try one of these mentally.

click here a go  do it you self!!!