Orientation day reflection

On the 9th December I had orientation day at Strathmore secondary school. I had to catch the train with my sister. Once we got to Strathmore we went to the gym were we had a chat to the principle, vice principal and coordinators of the school they talked to use about the school and its history over many years. After that we went to our class to meet our new classmates. I am in Chisholm with one of my friends Sam. Once we went class we got straight into some work the first thing that we did was talk about the rules and what not to do in the school grounds. After that we went down to do some science.The thing that we did in science was adding all types of chemicals into cabbage juice and see it change color it was pretty cool seeing it change its form so many times. After that we had our play lunch and got to see what they would do with their free time. After that we went back into the class and went on a big tour around the school and saw all the cool things that they had like a pool, hockey court and a auditorium the tour. The tour took up 2 periods. Then we had our pre ordered lunch. We finally had ago to play soccer with the year nines and tens it was hard and a bit scare because they were running at you full pace. For the last period of the day we had math in math we did problem solving which was fun but hard at the same time and the good thing about this was the winner got to have some chocolates but we worn’t the winner. The highlight of my day was probably just meeting new people and the new teachers that might be mine for next year as a year 7. So the day came to the end and it was time for us to go home I thought it was a really great day overall.



As we all arrived at school at 7:30 to put our bag on we were all full of excitement as we said our goodbyes to our mum and dad we had got on the bus for a 3 hour drive to the ship wreck coast we were all existing as we say to our bus driver can we put the radio on he said yes and as he pot it on we were all singing along and telling some of our best jokes.

before we knew it we were at our first stop at the Narana creations that is were we learnt about bush tuka witch is food and learnt how to throw a boomerang and about what the aboriginals would use for survival after that we went back on the  road.

on  our next stop we went to eat lunch at this nice park and the went on the playground for half an hour and then went back on the bus and the fun talk about the fun experience we have had so far.

our last stop was going to red rock witch was a very cool look out and view of Geelong and it was very very height thought after we got all our photos we head back to the bus and went on a one and a half hour drive till our motel we were going to.

As we arrived we all had a shock of excitement to find out who was in our cabin we all got of and sat out sat out side of our cabin as they call the cabin roll I cant hear my name after thirty seconds I finally hear my name along with my two best friends Gavan and Luca we were in cabin 28. we we went in our cabin we got ready to go for dinner at the bistro right next to us we had a good meal and went back home and had a trivia night bad sadly my team did not win first place.and then got ready to go to bed but I could not go to sleep till 11o clock.


Wake up wake up its time for breakfast although Gavan had already woke my up at 6:30  playing is game I went out and eat breakfast and them went back and got ready for the big day a head of us.

As we got on the bus to go to the flag staff hill as we got there we got to go and look around and fill in a book let we got and looked for answers about the Locard after that we learnt about wailing and why they did it they did it for they oil they wont it for the oil because the needed light and for its meat.

on the locard there were a lot of people but only two people survived and the captions pet and after that they had never seen each other again.

When we finished that we went to an adventurer park witch had a lot of fun things like the flying fox the maze and many many more fun activities and then we have to eat lunch that the school has provided for use to. we went for a drive and then went back to our cabin and just had some down time and then went for dinner at the bistro and then came back and got ready to go and see the sound and light show we went back to flag staff hill and then watched a move about the locard and the went home a got ready to go home a fell a sleep very  late but I was not to tiered but I still fell asleep when we got back to or room/cabin.


CLAP CLAP I wake up in anger I yell stop it Gavan and then go back to sleep but but it was to late we had to get up and have breakfast.

The activity I did was kite making witch was in the breakfast room  when the  guy put the paper I had a good idea and that was to graw a head and then we had to put the tail of the kite and put the sting to fly it in the sky after all that we did our second activity.

As we hoped on the bus and head of to go to a volcano but not active when we got there and went on a walk to see bush food and animals and then had a boomerang competition but if you caught it you will get a free and a brand new boomerang but no one got close after that we went back to our cabin and got ready to go back to go to dinner and the go to bed.


As we get up we went to eat breakfast and then hope on the bus an go to rock pooling but that was fun but sad as-well because we had seen a lot of dead animals such as crabs a dead baby seal and many more as we were trying to find rock pool there on she said as we tryd to balance but I had fell in but we had to go out and the go fishing as I get a pole I had tryed to cast but I had no idea how to but not to fear Theo was here he helped me cast it and now it is the waiting game but I have no Passion so I tryed to cast it one two three yayyyyyy I did it but it was to late my handle had to get a another one but we I went back 3 people had caught a fish but they were girls and the boys were losing but he some more boys had got a fish but we had to leave but dont fear we had the second  boys.

We had went for a walk to a light house and on the way we had seen a few animals and then went back to have lunch and the went to the fun adventurer playground and then that took the whole day and they went for a walk at botanical  garden and they went home and got ready for the disco that starts now the music loud and people groven we got to our cabin and then went to bed for the big day to go home.


time to go home lee yells we went and had breakfast and then packed up and then hit the road to the twelve Apollos and that was windy and they were very big but then it was time to go for a lunch brayk in  a 1 and a half we got off and eat lunch and then went on the bus home as we are entering the school were happy to get off and go home and that was the best camp ever.