Math mate term 2 sheet 6


I predict that this problem will be about the 4 operations.


Jane rolls nothing but sixes in the game of snakes and ladders below. How many rolls of the die will it take her to move from S to F.


I had nothing to clarify in this question.

The Big Question:

How many rolls will it take to get to the end?

Mathematicians Toolbox:

For this problem I have chosen to pick draw a diagram or test all possibilities.


The first step you need to do is know were you are starting at if she keeps roiling 6 for the whole game you go 6 spaces once you have reaches a ladder you should not signor it go up it and keep rolling till you get to the end witch should be 4 rolls/


In this problem I was not very happy with me strategies I had use so in that case I should of picked another one.

Math mate term 2 sheet 5


I predict that this problem will be about the four operations.


Bobby’s car uses 9 liters of fuel per 100 km. How many liters of fuel are required to travel from Kogan to Tingura.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

The Big Question:

How many kilometers per liter?

Mathematicians Toolbox: 

The strategies that I’m going to use is find a pattern.


The first step I did was  add all the kilometers which is 400 km and you use 9 liters per 100km the times by 4 is 36 liters.


I found this problem just a little harder and it took me a little longer but my prediction was not correct but not far from it.

Math mate term 2 sheet 4


I predict this is about finding  the missing numbers.

Read :

Fill in the missing numbers.


In this problem I had nothing to clarify.

Big Question :

The big question is to find the missing numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox :

In this problem I used test all possibilities.


First step I did was plus 7 and 7 plus 7 which is 21 so you drop the 1 and carry the 2 to the tens column the went 4 plus 4 plus two is 10 so I dropped the 0 and carried the 1 to the hundred column then I went 3 plus 2 plus 1 plus 1 equals 7   so the answer is 741.


It took my a little bit but the it started to become easier and easier every time I went on.

100WC week 34 2014

But were could I go I am cold and tiered I need to find a place to go and fast to so I had set off on our little adventure to find a home and ask if I could stay there for the next week but that could never happen with the clothes and shoes I am wearing I had no chance so I went door to door but everyone had rejected me but  a car had came and said do you have any were to go I say no so the old couple said hop in.

Prat report


Packing pellets.


the aim for today is to see a packing pellet dissolve and how long it will take.


The materials you will need is beaker, ml of cold water and one packing pellet in the beaker.


Fill your beaker with 50 ml of cold water then you need to add one packing pellet into the beaker and must let it sit over time to see what is going on and how long it will take.


The results of this experimenter had gone ac-wading  to plan my observation of this is the packing pellet over time has gone soft and mushy in the cold water over all I think has gone very good.


This has gone all to plan and the end product of this was very good even though you had to wait a little while.

Letter to government

Dear Tony Abbot,

When is the government going to realize what scientist are doing to insistent animal species.

Right now tones of animals are getting caught and tested like mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats and many more locked down into small wooden cold cages in laboratories all over the world. Over there life time they are suffering pains and loneliest in their cages. But if there free they can run free but now they just have to sit there and think could that be me that get buried next all they do is live in fear.

I make me worried that over 100milion animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in Australian labs every year and that is making the population by a long way down.

Even though animals are protected they skill are getting abused.

So I urge that the government should realize what scientist are doing to insistent animal species  and let’s see if we can do anything about it.


By Ben.

100wc week 26

Close your eyes close your eyes trust me it will be fun my big sister said but she was completely wrong I had said in my mind I think I would never have had to do this in the first place but I did I had thought I was going to be cool like my sister but at this stage I didn’t want to be cool but when my sister said you can take off your blind fold I did and when I did I yelled at the top of my lungs but it was all just a bad dream.

100 WC WEEK 25

As its  time to  lock up the museum I had seen a really different type of container lid I walk closer and closer to it I say this is a real bad idea I had thought that because when I had it in my hands and on the top of the lid it had said if you take the lid off this jar you will suffer the worst pain alive and then the next to the time frame of 30sec she had opened and looked inside what she saw was a not she should of never of opened it.

100 WC week 24

As my dad is trying to save me but it was all most to late but all of a sudden my dad had came charging and saved me from the charging buffalos after the that he had to go back home and start to rule over his land called the land of animals wear all types of animals like the cheater, lion, birds and many more after all that Mustafa the king of the land had he had to fight to rule his kingdom every year and at the end of that he had won the fight.

100wc week 23

As I coming down at the speed of light I had to make a massive decision was to jump or hop for the best this plane will not land too hard on the ground or the other one is to jump out with no parathion so I have made up my mind I said I will jump out when there is only about 30 meters I had started the countdown it had drop about 20 meters per second it was time I had jumped as I hit the ground I had shattered my leg had broken.